Singing Affirmations | The Power of Song

Singing Affirmations



The NEW “Power of Song” CD Out now!

The thoughts we think and the words we speak create our future. This CD ‘The Power of Song’ is a tool to help you positively focus on empowering thoughts. This is The Law of Attraction…what you think, you attract! The spoken word is very powerful…singing the words with emotion are even more powerful! The lyrics to these songs are positive and affirming. You will keep singing, humming and waking in the morning with the joy of these songs. Singing the lyrics of this uplifting music focuses your desires and attracts positive change.

New scientific imaging tools for the brain in the last 30 years have created the ‘Science of Music’. It is now showing us how powerful music is. Music has a very specific effect on the body and can calm the mind, relax or energize the body and free the motions. Trish believes that ‘The Power of Song’ can help rewire old negative thought patterns into new positive thought patterns that serve us in profound ways!

“The Power of Song” is a 12-song swinging collection of powerful affirmations set to original music, all written by Trish, a gift from the Universe! This recording is an integral part of Trish’s bigger calling, which is to spread the message that through the use of singing positive affirmations, we all have the power to make meaningful changes and to craft the lives we want.

To Empower & Reset yourself through song, choose one or more of these songs to focus on and sing daily. Sing often from a place of Joy and know you are worthy!